SYNSONS 1.0% = 10mg / ml

Dispersive property with a high coating power

This viscosupplement is designed to be dispersive, providing a high coating power. Its dispersive rheological property will allow the viscoelastic to perfectly cover the surface

Product HA Concentration
Molecular Weight
(Million Daltons)
SYNSONS 10 1.1 to 2.2 23.000* 2ml
SYNSONS mini 10 1.1 to 2.2 23.000* 1ml

* mean value

SYNSONS 1.0% - 2ML

To treat the knee in 5 injections, weekly apart. 

  • Reducing the pain in the joint after full treatment. 
  • Recovering mobility

SYNSONS mini 1.0% - 1ML

To treat all small joints, and more specifically very small joints like fingers, toes… thanks to its dispersive quality less painful while injected.